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Ignite: One Solution for Business Connectivity

Managing a business is complicated enough. Keeping it connected shouldn't be.

Point of Sale, Kiosks and Vending Machines, Digital Signage, and Business Continuity all require connectivity. Period. Most business owners are burdened by finding the right hardware and accessories, sorting through cellular plans, and battling overage charges and penalties in order to keep everything running smoothly.

Ignite makes connectivity for your business simple— a single solution for hardware, data, management, and even support. One monthly rate. One single point of contact for billing and support. That's it.

Ignite Bundle



T-Mobile DATA Plan

T-Mobile MicroSIM

2x LTE Whip Antennas


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Basics

  • What is included?

    With Ignite, receive reliable wireless connectivity powered by T-Mobile with the hardware you need, technical support (Monday - Friday (excluding holidays) between 6AM-5PM PT (9AM-8PM ET)), and a secure cloud management platform to monitor your device status and usage.

  • How much does it cost?

    Each Ignite unit is $40 per month with one-time $35 activation fee per line of service. 24-month service agreement required.

  • What taxes and fees apply to this service?

    There are sales, use, excise and other taxes, fees and surcharges per Federal, State and Local regulations.

  • What happens after 24 months?

    After 24 months, the service will switch to "month to month," and you can cancel anytime without paying an early termination fee (ETF) by simply requesting cancellation and returning the hardware within 30 days.

  • Does Ignite require a data plan, similar to my wireless smartphone?

    Yes, and data is included in your Ignite bundle.

  • How much data is included?

    This service is specifically tailored to give more than enough data for our application. Based on industry studies, specific retail applications that require connectivity average between 50MB and 1GB of monthly data usage. For primary connectivity, the Ignite service includes up to 3GB per line, per month, giving you plenty of room for peace of mind. For backup connectivity, the Ignite service includes update to 10GB per line, per month, with a 1GB average across all of your lines.

  • What types of devices is it compatible with?

    The Ignite hardware is equipped with either an Ethernet or USB connectivity option. Our sales representatives will help you determine the best solution for your business, based on your need. Call us today (844) 517-8710.

  • How do I know if this is the right solution for me?

    Our sales representatives will ask a series of questions to determine if Ignite is the right solution for your business. There are multiple use cases that would benefit from the Ignite solution. For example, in the event of a power outage or service disruption with the primary Internet connection, Ignite provides a wireless backup for connectivity until the primary Internet service resumes. Another example are businesses that do not have access to a wired internet connection, such as Cable or DSL, and must rely on wireless connectivity for specific pieces of equipment, such as kiosks, vending machines, digital signs, or point-of-sale terminals.

  • Do I have coverage in my area?

    T-Mobile covers 308 million Americans. Check out their latest coverage map prior to ordering.
    *Inseego is not responsible for network coverage issues.

  • Does this support secure payments?

    The Ignite solution provides connectivity only. It is not a payment processing system. Hence, compliance with applicable regulatory standards or guidelines, such as PCI (Payment Card Industry), is the responsibility of the business owner.

  • Would I use this instead of SQUARE or with SQUARE?

    The Ignite solution is a complement, not a replacement, to Square (and similar solutions). Ignite does not directly perform payment processing but provides connectivity for your SQUARE solution.

  • Billing

  • When does my billing cycle begin?

    The billing cycle begins at the time the order is placed; no charges will be made until the package is shipped.

  • Is a credit check required?

    A credit check or deposit may be required. Additional terms may apply. Contact our sales department for details.

  • What is the return / cancellation policy?

    Cancellation prior to the subscription's expiration date will result in an early termination fee (ETF). The ETF is the number of months remaining in the service agreement multiplied by the monthly service fee.
    All cancellations require the return of the equipment in working condition or payment of $150 per terminated device.

  • When will I receive my first bill and how?

    You will receive an invoice from Inseego upon accepting a quote. The invoice will include charges for your first month of service, shipping charges, a one-time activation fee and any taxes and fees that apply. The invoice will be due upon receipt, and payment is required to begin processing your order. Your subscription begins 7 days beyond quote acceptance, so you're not paying for your service during processing and shipping time.

  • How do I pay for this?

    When you receive your invoice, you will see options to either pay with credit card or ACH. The secure terminal will ask you if you would like to save your information for future transactions. We recommend that you select yes to enable automatic monthly payments.

  • Is this a promotion or fixed price?

    This is a fixed price, based on a 24-month contract. Inseego reserves the right to run promotions from time to time, which would be made available to first time (new) customers only and will not be applied to existing agreements.

  • Support

  • Who do I contact for Support, T-Mobile or Inseego? Where do I call?

    Please contact Inseego.
    Online support via chat or
    Phone: (844) 517-8710 Monday - Friday 6AM-5PM PST (9AM-8PM EST)

  • Is there a technician that will come out to install this?

    No. Ignite is a user-friendly, plug and play solution. Set-up instructions are available in the box and also online. Our technical support is available to answer questions. Contact us: via online chat or Phone: (844) 517-8710 Monday - Friday (excluding holidays) between 6AM-5PM PST (9AM-8PM EST)

  • What do I need to get started once I receive the device?

    It depends on the modem that you receive, and each modem comes with a Quick Start Guide. Here are general guidelines for each:

    Skyus DS
    You will need Windows 7 or 8 installed on a computer with Internet access that is independent of Ignite. You will then download the drivers and the Skyus Watcher software from our website under the Drivers and Documentation section.

    1. Download and Install the Skyus DS drivers to your computer
    2. Download and Install the Skyus Watcher software to your computer
    3. Connect the Skyus DS to your computer with the USB cable

    SA 2100
    If using Ignite as a primary Internet connection, you will need a computer or computing device with an Ethernet port and/or Wi-Fi support. Simply connect the SA 2100 modem to your computer (via the Ethernet cable or via Wi-Fi) and follow the steps on the quick start card.

    If using Ignite as a backup connection for business continuity, you will need a router that supports failover. Typically, the router connects to the SA 2100 with the Ethernet cable. Consult the user manual specific to your router, and follow the instructions for setting up a backup connection. (Note: This solution can also be called WWAN failover, failover, wireless backup, or business continuity).

  • What is the Crossroads dashboard? Do I need it? How do I use it?

    The Crossroads dashboard is our secure cloud management platform, accessible via a web browser. Although it is not required for use, it is an incredibly helpful tool to monitor your Ignite device status and usage. Upon shipment of the Ignite solution, the primary account holder will receive an introductory email about Crossroads with log-in instructions for the Crossroads dashboard.

  • Is tech support free?

    Yes. Tech support is part of the Ignite solution.
    Phone: (844) 517-8710 Monday - Friday (excluding holidays) between 6AM-5PM PST (9AM-8PM EST)


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